Security Alert Service

LBG Le Boutillier Group Co., Ltd and it’s associates have been involved in the development of virtual software technologies and solutions for the distribution of security alerts globally with a heavy emphasis on products developed for the client, our flagship product is named SAS (Security Alert Service) and includes :-

  • Maps and Geofencing Technology – allows security managers to log into our Security Alert software and set geographic boundaries that obtain information about surroundings.
  • A platform of fully integrated Security Alert Services.
  • Set filters and click on markers to view the security information on EARTH for your locations.
  • Actively monitor risks posed to your business including storms, floods, breaking news, and unrest etc.
  • Content filtering mechanisms – so you can actively search your archives.
  • Security Intelligence Reporting
  • Emergency notifications
  • Security Risk Indicators and tools that help to mitigate risk and assess local security volatility.
  • A mobile app suite.