Our Team

LBG was founded by Mr. Aaron Le Boutillier in Bangkok in 2009. Combining previous companies from Singapore and the U.K. with over 30 years of combined security and investigative experience.

Our team of professionals are from diverse backgrounds and have access to the best resources in the world.

Phillip Thomson


phillipPhillip is a partner in the Le Boutillier Group. A graduate of the University of Exeter (Master of Arts) and has been educated at The British Police Staff College, and the British Army Staff College.

He has over 35 years experience as a former Police Chief Superintendent in the United Kingdom acquiring a highly successful background in Major Investigations, Critical Incident, and Crisis Management.

For the past eight years he has been working as a Consultant based in the Middle East and South East Asia also undertaking contracts in various parts of the world. Recently he has specialized in providing expertise and advice in conflict and post conflict areas. He has also provided a wide range of advice to private industry and Governments at local, national and international level.

Aaron Le Boutillier


staff_aaronAaron has been involved with designing and teaching Defensive Tactics and how to deal with aggression to law enforcement agencies, hospitals, Immigration, Airlines and multi nationals since 1997.

With over 30 years in martial arts and defensive tactics experience and operational knowledge from being a Police Officer, Aaron continues to develop and evolve defensive tactics and soft skills in diffusion techniques

Based in Asia for over 15 years, Aaron has a deep understanding of conflicts due to cultural and linguistic miss interpretations and draws on experiences from the many people he has trained. With over 30,000 cabin crew attending his training, he is able to constantly receive feedback and further evolve his training methods and course content.

An author of a best selling book, Aaron has also produced a DVD on breakaway skills and continues to give motivational and educational talks on his many experiences ranging from being a sole survivor of the 2004 tsunami and completing the famous Marathon De Sables in 2015.

Aaron is currently completing a one year instructional course as a Coach under the Crazy Monkey Defense System, a revolutionary approach to the way self preservation is taught.

Stephen Halford

Head of IT Marketing

For the past 8 years Stephen has been working in South East Asia with Aaron developing the SAS app suite, supporting the administrative reporting team and producing various security analysis reports.

Former Managing Director and Co-Founder of the successful digital media agency Swithapps which is an application and software development company. Systems Analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada European branch, serving the Common Operating Environment’s client desktop, servers, security and IBM’s Tivoli storage and disaster recovery.

Stephen is in charge of all J.V. Projects and is responsible for the design, distribution and marketing of the LBG security bulletin and country alert services.

With a strong background in software development and IT marketing, Stephen drives this arm of LBG operations.

Andy Kay

Andy is a former Police Officer from the UK. For the past ten years he has been living and working in South East Asia and is based in Bangkok.

Terry Upsall

Head of Training

Terry runs the majority of the training for LBG and specializes in covering conflicts in Indonesia. Terry is also and IATA approved Instructor and runs the Singapore office.

Terry has been with the company since 2004 and has been responsible for designing and delivering the majority of the companies aviation and travel security programs. An IATA in-flight security instructor, Terry travels the world representing LBG and assisting in the further development of soft skills and security programs.

Terry also runs and heads the Singapore office and is a fluent Bahasa Indonesian speaker.

Research Team

– Sunthanee Matta
– Simon Lloyd
– Orasa Srinual
– Kacha Tanthavach