Hotel Security

Hotels can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to criminal activity as, by necessity they have open and easy access. It is often difficult to balance the need for effective security measures against the expectations and needs of the customers.

LBG can help to identify areas of concern and provide solutions for minimizing the risks and are able to provide the following services :-

  • Security Awareness and Fire training for hotel employees
  • Specific training for chamber maids to integrate them into the security web
  • Soft skills training
  • Conflict Management Training – helping employees to deal with difficult or volatile situations
  • Risk Assessments – including the production of Security and Bomb Threat manuals

LBG has also developed several specific security courses for the hotel industry. Our courses aim to equip staff in various roles in the hotel industry, and facing various different problems in those roles, providing a thorough working knowledge of how to reduce the likelihood of security related incidents and how to handle them should they arise.

Courses are designed to be provided separately or as part of an overall package. Training (drills and simulations) can be undertaken with participation from different departments in order to develop internal communications and coordination in the event of security incidents

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