General Security Training

As an adjunct to our Personal Security training, LBG has developed training programmes focused on business travel. These courses take the basic theories and methods of Personal Security training and apply them specifically to business travel.

This programme comprises two main elements –

Theory – pre-trip and, advanced-route planning, ‘do’s and dont’s’ in and around airports, hotels and urban locations.

Practice – dealing with an attack including breakaway techniques, pressure point control, fighting from the ground and other fighting skills.

Our training can be taken by men and women alike. Recognizing that women business travelers face the additional threat of sexual assault, LBG has also developed a program specifically tailored to female travelers.

Emergency Response Procedures

LBG offers consulting services to develop and implement procedures for handling a variety of emergencies such as civil unrest, bomb threats, workplace violence, bioterrorism or chemical threats, natural disasters, electrical failure and fire.

We help clients identify the main areas for potential emergencies response and establish a codified system of procedures to respond to such emergencies. We also help establish Emergency Response Teams from amongst our clients’ personnel and train and test these teams in a variety of simulated exercises

Hotel Security Training

LBG has developed several security courses for the hotel industry. Our courses aim to equip staff in various roles in the hotel industry, and facing various different problems in those roles, providing a thorough working knowledge of how to reduce the likelihood of security related incidents and how to handle them should they arise.

Courses are designed to be provided separately or as part of an overall package. Training (drills and simulations) can be undertaken with participation from different departments in order to develop internal communications and coordination in the event of security incidents.

Work Place Violence

LBG offers training programmes to clients with a high exposure to members of the public – banks, clubs, hospitals, clinics, department stores, customs and excise, immigration and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Programmes are designed to identify risk factors and implement prevention strategies to combat the risk of workplace violence. Risks can emanate from members of the public or fellow employees whose emotions are heightened to the point where a violent act is a potential result.

Sexual Assault Awareness

LBG works closely with the local charity organization AWARE, WINGS and AWDS ( Association of Womens Doctors Singapore) in Singapore. We offer 3 and 5 hour packages on all aspects of sexual assault awareness and all participants will learn how to break free from the most common of attacks and also learn how to reduce the likelihood of attack.

To date LBG has delivered training to Students at NUS (National University of Singapore)and regularly runs classes at the AWARE( Association for Womens action and research) headquarters.

Please contact us to learn how we can offer a customized solution to your organisation