Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is an increasingly vital field of evidence gathering, especially useful where there is a suspicion of corporate fraud and/or a potential internal disciplinary investigation relating to the conduct of an employee.

At LBG we work closely with a highly skilled and experienced computer forensics expert.

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Through this close association we are able to provide and detect the following:

  • Data recovery and analysis
  • Employee internet misuse
  • Criminal fraud and deception cases
  • Suspected competitor foul play
  • Unauthorized transfer or removal of confidential information
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Employment law investigations

With computer forensics or data recovery, the procedure usually is to :-

  • Secure the computer unit(s) in question to prevent tampering
  • Obtain and forensically image the hard drive
  • Identify and recover all files (including recoverable deleted files)
  • Access hidden, protected and/or temporary files
  • Investigate data/settings from installed applications and programs

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