Welcome to Le Boutillier Group

le_boutillier_group_home_imageLe Boutillier Group (LBG) is a Bangkok and Singapore based security and investigations consultancy company that was established in Feb 2002.

All programmes and services offered are customised to client’s needs and utilize the skill sets of the LBG team and our experience of working in the region.

Be it training or consultancy, LBG aims to ensure the common sense is the lowest common denominator and the solution it provides aim to reflect strong client relations, honesty in deliverables and the highest standard of service.

Companies wanting to improve Security procedures, enhance training, reduce the risk of fraud and financial losses need a company they can trust to provide an International proven track record in security training and provide a discreet, swift response and dedicated support.

LBG was founded by Mr. Aaron Le Boutillier in Bangkok in 2009. Combining previous companies from Singapore and the U.K. with over 30 years of combined security and investigative experience.

Our team of professionals are from diverse backgrounds and have access to the best resources in the world.